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Who We Are

1stMAN Oil is an experienced team of oil and gas industry professionals with a wealth of first class international commercial and technical expertise in mid and downstream oil and gas.

Our clients include oil and gas producers, refiners, marketing companies, consumers, traders, infrastructure owners, investors, governments and development agencies.

What We Do

1stMAN Oil provides a deep and solid understanding of the oil market fundamentals, together with a comprehensive awareness of the implications they have on the rest of the oil value chain, at a global, regional, and product level.

Our comprehensive understanding of what is currently happening in the oil market, and where the market is heading allows clients to better position themselves in the future.

We combine industry insights, detailed data analytics and our expert knowledge of the global/regional oil markets to provide timely and accurate consultation to a variety of clients from multiple sectors, including financial institutions, banks and traders, major oil companies, national oil companies, independent refiners, government agencies, shipping and transportation companies, and utilities firms.  

We have helped a number of clients develop a strategic plan for the commercialisation of their crude oil assets. In all cases we pay particular regard to the economic and political factors relevant to the crude oil in question.

Past projects have included studies connected with crude oil production from  Africa and the Far East

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